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Orange GlenHigh School

Grades & Report Cards

Progress report cards are issued every six weeks. The final semester grades and corresponding credits are listed on the transcript, a permanent record.
What do I do if I am failing a class? What do I do if my student is failing a class?  
  1. Check StudentVUE/ParentVUE to see an up to date gradebook for each class. This resource can be used to identify missing assignments and to check scores on recent assignments. 
  2. Weekly Progress Reports are a great tool students/parents can use to monitor progress between report cards. Students may pick up a blank progress report on Thursday mornings before school in the Counseling Center. The student then takes the progress report to each of their teachers requesting feedback about their progress/grade. Students then take the Weekly Progress Reports home to the parent/guardian(s).
  3. Call to discuss the problem with the teacher - For a complete list of teachers and phone extensions, visit Staff Directory.
  4. If you still need assistance after you talk with the teacher, then you may call your student's counselor. The counselor will suggest various strategies/interventions that can be used to assist/support your student.
  5. See the ABC tutoring schedule below. 'Study Zone' is drop in tutoring available every day in the library. Study Zone is held before school from 6:30 - 7:30 am and after school from 3:00 - 6:00 pm.