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Orange GlenHigh School


If you missed our classroom presentation on post secondary planning, requirements, and a Reality Check activity, check it out below:
Your Counselor can help you make an Academic Action Plan to improve your grades. 

How to be a successful student while at school…

  •         Participate in class discussions and groups
  •         Good study habits (taking and reviewing notes, preparing for class)
  •         Organize (What does your binder look like right now? Where do you keep track of your assignments?)
  •         Asking for help (Teacher/Counselor) Seek help early in the semester if needed. Do NOT wait until the last few weeks to turn in late work or ask for help.

How to be a successful student while at home...

  •         Monitor StudentVUE grades (Username: ID Number, Password: Birthday MMDDYYYY)
  •         Get enough sleep! (At least 8 hours/night)
  •         Find a quiet place to complete your homework without distractions
  •         Managing your time (Do you spend too much time on social media?)
What academic resources are available to me?
  •        Talk to your teachers! They are the best source of info on how to improve your grade. 
  •          Go to tutoring! Before school (6:30-7:30am) and after school (3:00-6:00pm) every day in the library.
  •          Take advantage of Saturday School - Check the online schedule and ask your teachers.
  •          Find extra help online (Khan Academy, Youtube videos, etc.)
Your Counselor can help you develop coping skills to become a healthier student inside and out. We can refer you to resources within the school and in the community. We are here for you!


  • Counselor of the Day available for urgent situations 
    • You or someone you know is in danger 
  • School Social Worker - Mayra Gonzalez 
  • Referrals to counseling resources
    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling


What is a coping skill?

  • The methods a person uses to deal with stressful situations
  • Can be positive or negative
  • Who on campus can you go to for help?
  • Who is someone outside of school you can go to?

Your Counselor can help you plan for your future by exploring college/career options and creating a plan to achieve your post-secondary goals. 


  • Check out our 10th Grade Guidance presentation (link to the right -->) to learn about requirements & post-secondary options
  • Take advantage of on-campus opportunities
    • Annual EUHSD College Fair 
    • College rep visits in the Career Center (Ms. Mendiaz sends out invites through your school email address)
    • Career Cafe - representatives from various career fields present during PRIDE Period
    • College Kickoff Day (Fall) & College Signing Day (Spring)
    • College & Career field trips
  • Explore College & Career Center Resources w/ Ms. Mendiaz
  • Come see your Counselor!
PSAT: Preliminary SAT tests 10th graders in reading and math. The PSAT helps students prepare for the actual SAT, a required test for 4-year college admission. The 11th grade PSAT could qualify you for a National Merit Scholarship. This test takes place in the Fall.

ELPAC (some): English Language Proficiency Assessments for California is for English Language Learner students.  It measures progress in language development and may determine placement into certain courses.

PFT (some): Physical Fitness Test. This test determines whether a student will be required to take PE next school year. 

AP Exams: Students who pass their AP Exam (with a score of 3+) will receive college credit.