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Orange GlenHigh School

Finals will be held 12/19-12/21. Good luck Patriots!
For Staff

General Information

Welcome to the Orange Glen High School Counseling Department!
Left to right: Ryan Chesire, Brittany Oka, Michelle Ferrer Flores, Sara Steadry, Holly Anderson, Melissa Allen, Freddy Delgado
Sara Steadry 
Freddy Delgado
(sub: Holly Anderson)
(Df-Gr and ELD Newcomers)   760-291-5043
Tiffany Wilson
(sub: Brittany Oka)
(Gs-Mc)     760-291-5045
Melissa Allen  (Md-Roc)   760-291-5044
Michelle Ferrer Flores  (Rod-Z)   760-291-5051
Ryan Chesire (AVID)   760-291-5085
Parents may make an appointment to see their student’s counselor by calling the Counseling Secretary, Nelitza Morales, at 760-291-5040. Students are encouraged to speak with their Counselor before school (7:30-7:45), during nutrition break, during student lunch, and after school until 3:15 pm. Students may also fill out a "See Your Counselor" form located in the Counseling Office to let their Counselor know they would like to speak with them.
Changes may ONLY be made within the first five (5) days of the semester. Changes after the first five (5) day period will only be made with the approval of an administrator. Any changes made after the first four (4) weeks of any semester will result in a Withdraw/Fail (W/F) and a W/F will be posted on the student's transcript.
Most classes cannot be taken for credit more than one time. Student's GPA will be recalculated using the student's higher grade. Make an appointment to see a counselor if you have any questions regarding repeating a class to improve your grade.
The following criteria are used to determine the Valedictorian and Salutatorian:
  • Any student with an overall “weighted” cumulative grade-point average (excluding P.E.) in grades 9-12 that places him or her among the top ten (10) students in the graduating class will qualify to be included in the pool from which the valedictorian and salutatorian will be selected.
  • The student who has taken the most rigorous academic program as defined in the accompanying administrative procedures shall be designated the valedictorian.
  • The student with the second most rigorous program shall be designated the salutatorian. 
Refer to EUHSD Board Policy for details regarding selection criteria for Valedictorian and Salutatorian.