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Tips for Getting Scholarships

  1. Start with the colleges that you are applying to  

    Most scholarship money earned by students comes from colleges and you can usually apply for scholarships while you are applying for admission. Don’t miss the deadlines! 
  2. Think local

    Local organizations and businesses have less students applying for their scholarships. They may be for smaller amounts of money, but you have a better chance of getting them!
  3. Be specific

    Think about what makes you different from most students and find scholarships that are specific to you. Your heritage? Your desired major or career goals? Your personal characteristics? Your skills? (Academic, leadership, musical, athletic, etc.) Your life experiences?
  4. Look at your connections

    Ask about scholarships at the companies where you and your relatives work, where you bank, organizations you or your family members belong to, and places you shop. Connections can make you more competitive for these scholarships.
  5. Put in the effort

    If you apply to 0 scholarships, you get $0! Filling out some applications and writing a few essays could get you thousands of dollars for college. Keep track of deadlines and always edit your work. It’s worth it!

What can I do to be more competitive for scholarships?

  1. Raise your GPA
  2. Join clubs and be an officer if you can
  3. Perform community service or gather work experience
  4. Study and do well on the ACT and SAT
  5. Gain leadership experience

Orange Glen High School Scholarship List

 Our College & Career Technician, Ms. Mendiaz, will update the scholarship list on a weekly basis. 
Click on the link below to view a PDF version of the current scholarship list. 

The Local Scholarship Packet

The Local Scholarship Packet is due on February 25, 2019. The student must turn in their packet to Mrs. Steadry in the Counseling Office by 2:00 PM.