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Orange GlenHigh School

DUE DATES - Pay fines, return books & calculators. SENIORS: May 29 by 3 p.m. / GRADES 9-11: June 1 by 3 p.m.
For Staff


Hello ! 
This 2017-2018 school year begins my 24th year working for Escondido Union High School District. I am excited and proud.
I am an Education Specialist teaching the subject of Math> Integrated Math and US History. I also team teach College & Career Readiness. Under NCLB, I am highly qualified in Computers/Business, Math and Social Science. Combined with teaching classes, I am an ADA Casemanager for 28 students with mild/moderate learning disabilities.
 With Escondido Union High School District, I have been:
  • A Teacher for 13 years
  • Workability Job Developer for 7 1/2 years (all school sites & non-public schools)
  • Summer School Teacher (serving students and  young adults with severe disabilities, SPHS & OGHS)
  • Special Education Consultant during Summer School (2 summers, Escondido & San Pasqual High School)
  • Instructional Assistant for Special Education (2 summers, OGHS)
  • Previous Girls 9th Grade Soccer Coach
  • Previous African-American Student Union Helper
  • Previous Advisor for National Honor Society-9 years
  • Assistant Manager @  OGHS in Student Nutrition for 2 1/2 years 
  • Security & Custodial (San Pasqual High School)
I love working and serving at Orange Glen High School! I enjoy learning and applying new research-based methods of teaching and I strive to help students learn new habits which allow them to grow to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners. Research shows that these qualities attribute to personal success in life.
My teaching philosophy is based in helping students to help themselves. I promote student advocacy & personal empowerment in the form of:
  • encouraging use of communication skills
  • knowledge of one's basic educational rights as outlined in ADA & IDEA
  • functional life, executive functioning and citizen skills
  • academics
I am a mother of two children: my son, aged 32, and my daughter, aged 27, and my 'active' dog. I have two brothers and I am the proud daughter of a career US Marine and an Issei mother.
My educational background contains a Master's of Science in Special Education, Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts.