Ms. Coleman-Education Specialist
Special Education, Masters in Science
760-291-5000, ext. 5451
[email protected]

Please feel free to call the classroom & leave a message if I don't pick up. Or email if you have any concerns or questions.
NEEDS LIST-needed everyday
Binder OR folder with lined paper OR spiral notebook.
Math Book
MISSING SCHOOL?-Umm, we still have math class.
When a scholar misses school, school is still in session and over an hour and 40 minutes of math class has happened,without the scholar here.
Absent scholars need to connect with Ms. Coleman during Nutrition or Extend time to see how he/she can make up any missed math knowledge. The scholar is responsible for reaching out to Ms. Coleman.
SYNERGY-Online Grade Program
Scholars & parents can read of special education/ELL techniques Ms. Coleman used for each class assignment.  Math videos for some chapters are available on Synergy labeled as 'Resources'. Ms. Coleman inputs grades approximately every week and a half. Most grades from assignments are based upon Math Content competency and/or Mathematical Practices.
Scholars can retake any of these, for a higher grade. Its best that Ms. Coleman be given prior notice so she can make sure she has new copies of the Quest and/or quiz. Scholars are expected to use notes on tests. Quizzes are short (2-4 questions) and most times, notes are not allowed on quizzes. Yet it is a common accommodation that Ms. Coleman helps scholars organize their notes, book and calculator prior to tests. Other accommodations include>read aloud instructions/questions, helping connect information in scholar's math notes and Ms. Coleman making clearer/re-wording math questions on the math tests/quizzes and assignments.  In some instances dependent upon ability, scholars show their math knowledge/thinking by explaining answers to Ms. Coleman in addition to writing math answers.
Ms. Coleman will offer a quality high school level math session and all scholars are expected to finish assignments during classtime. In order to continue passing math class, all scholars need to turn in high school level quality thinking. Scholars will be given ample time to finish assignments during class. Class assignments are not homework. There is no homework. If a scholar is absent, it is okay to turn in late assignments without a penalty to the grade.
ACADEMIC BOOSTS & Academic Interventions
During class scholars will mostly work in squads to bounce their math thinking off of other people. Scholars can get additional individual math help from Ms. Coleman during most EXTEND times. In addition, OGHS offers free Saturday tutoring sessions, before school and after school help sessions in the library.
Extra credit is offered in the form of math vocabulary questions (spoken/verbal) and/or perhaps math warm ups. Math packets are not offered.