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Orange GlenHigh School

DUE DATES - Pay fines, return books & calculators. SENIORS: May 29 by 3 p.m. / GRADES 9-11: June 1 by 3 p.m.
For Staff

Welcome to Auto!

Below are photos of our students enjoying the Automotive class!
In addition to Auto being articulated through Palomar and A-G, Our program is now able to do the following Certifications:
NC3 - Snap On Certifications
525 Multimeter Certification
B2000P Wheel Balancing Certification
Pro 42 Wheel Alignment Certification
EHP System V Tire and Wheel Service Certification
Pro-Cut Rotor Matching Certification
Torque Mechanical Certification
Torque Electrical with ATECH2FR100B Certification
(COMING SOON - ShopKey Pro Service & Repair Information Level 1 Certification AND Automotive Scanner Certification)
SP2 - Automotive Certifications
Transportation Sector Certification of completion and competencies. 
(COMING SOON - NATEF Certification)