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English Language Development » English Language Development Department

English Language Development Department

Welcome to the ELD Department page. Below you will find information on our high quality long distance learning plans by teacher.

Kevin Frisk, ELD III

  1. I will have a series of literacy routines that the students will be encouraged to participate in on a weekly basis. These activities are a return to normalcy for these students because they are activities they are accustomed to. They include Speaking practice in recorded videos, listening quizzes, and Duolingo.
  2. Another series of recurring literacy routines I will have the students complete is a weekly NewsELA article analysis and different literacy activities using the New York Times Upfront magazine resources.
  3. Finally, a third approach to the class will center on the opportunity to continue activities centered around our curriculum. These include research, note-taking practice, writing for different purposes, reading and analysis of fictional texts, and slide presentations.

Rachel Bronwyn, ELD III

I am embarking on a six-pronged approach that will use google classroom to provide 

  1. articles and "worksheets" from Upfront (Scholastic)  -- nonfiction
  2. a regular journal prompt to initiate written responses
  3. a continuation of Khan Academy work that we had already begun which allows us to focus on technical aspects of grammar
  4. Duolingo (as a game-like way to help my students keep engaging--it is very phone friendly)
  5. questions about poems that I will post so that students can keep working on the very technical aspects of English literature (symbolism, metaphor, irony, foreshadowing, etc.). (Poems are short. Students can skip one day and engage the next--unlike chapters in a book).
  6. images from art history coupled with very brief art history videos from SmartHistory and The Met etc to engage the students visually and help them practice their listening (to academic English) while they gain cultural capital

My intent is to make each assignment a discrete event. Skills will be recursively addressed but if a student "drops out" for a week or two, he or she will be able to join again without any need to "catch up."


I am providing multiple ways to engage knowing that I have students who will do as much as possible and others who may be in a different place.


Lance Keller, ELD II

My distance learning plan will focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

I will use a variety of resources to engage my students.  

  1. No Red Ink for grammar and writing activities.
  2. OutLookmagazine for reading and comprehension questions.
  3. NEWSELA for reading and comprehension.
  4. TED Talks and Youtube for listening and note taking.
  5. Zoom for guided discussions.

I have set up Google Classroom and have contacted my students through email via Synergy.


Joseph McClure, ELD II
 I will be using google classroom to provide

  1. articles and worksheets from Scholastic Magazine and (reading comprehension)
  2. Duolingo and Rosetta Stone (vocabulary development) 
  3. journal prompts (generate written responses)

  4. (regular grammar practice)
  5. (engaging games and low-stakes assessments)

I will provide various activities and students will have a great deal of choice as to what they are most interested.  These activities will be for students with different levels of understanding and can work at their own pace.  The idea is to create assignments students can start and complete at times that are convenient for them while challenging those who seek more.


Doug Paulson, ELD I

  1. Maintain a Google Classroom (already set up) with a daily welcome and overview video, assignments from NewsELA, Scholastic, songs, YouTube videos, RAZKIDS, and other teacher designed activities
  2. Daily Zoom interactive classes 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
  3. Quizzes, vocabulary, etc, all delivered via Google Classroom

Ana Breckenridge, ELD I


Office Hours/ class time 

Platforms you will use 

Idea of class layout 

Anamaria Breckenridge 

ELD 1- Pers. 3 & 4 

Office Hours – T/Th 11AM – Noon 


SIFE Lang &Culture- Per. 6, M/W/F 

Office Hours  - M/W - 11AM – Noon 


Math 1SE- Pers. 1 & 2 

Office Hours – T/TH 2-3 PM w/Mosley  

Google Classroom (primary) 








RAZ Kids 





Math 1SE – Via Canvas 

Asynchronous – All ELD and SIFE students will get the weekly assignments via Google Classroom. All reading, writing, speaking, and Listening will be provided this way. I will host office hours twice a week for each class.  


Math 1SE – Asynchronous. Will help Mosley with curriculum. Will be available for office hours twice a week.