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There will be no school from 11/19-11/23. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!
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Chemistry Links

Class homework and test schedules

Fall — First 6 weeks

Fall — Second 6 weeks


Rutherford Simulation

Open the following PhET simulation, fill out the table and answer the questions on the guided lab sheet.

Rutherford Scattering Simulation (PhET)


Density Labs

Do the following 8 lab simulations. Answer the questions at the top of each lab.

Mass and Volume Labs (Britannica)
There are eight simulated labs on the link above. Each has a question at the top of the screen that you need to answer. For each lab, make sure to click on the "Collect Data" button, and click on everything you can to see data about the object. If there are numbers at the top of that page, then there are several things to measure. Then you may have to use the "Measure" button to collect specific data such as mass. This may have more than one page, too. "References" will have important information such as known densities of materials, volumes of solid shapes, etc. Answer the question in each of the eight labs.



SciLinks activities and practice are keyed for each section in your chemistry textbook. You can join for free, and watch videos and demonstrations. Just enter the code shown in your book in the SciLinks box.


Element flash cards

You can use these cards to study for your element quiz.

If you know the answer, leave it marked “correct.” However, if you don’t know, click the button so that it reads “incorrect.” Keep going through the cards, and you can have it test you on only the ones you got wrong.