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Video Production I
Full Year 10 Credits 9-12
Prerequisite: None

This course provides introductory training in video production. Instruction will cover storyboarding, video script writing, field videography, non-linear editing and professional production terms.By producing short film projects students will learn how to use modern video production equipment to creatively communicate to an audience. Students will also explore the history of film and television, and analyze various media sources for creativity and content. In addition, students will become aware of the many job opportunities in the field of electronic media production. All completed projects will be eligible for the annual Final Cut Film Festival.

Video Production II
Full Year 10 Credits 10-12
Prerequisite: Video Production I or teacher approval

This is an intermediate course for students interested in expanding their technical and creative skills in the field of electronic media production. In addition to producing individual short subject film projects, students will work together to produce class projects including a video yearbook, a news magazine show, and other studio-based television programs. Students will also learn how to work within a live TV studio environment to produce our daily bulletin., “Patriot Update.” In addition, students will learn important media literacy skills, and further develop their appreciation of film as an art form. All completed projects will be eligible for the annual Final Cut Film Festival.

ROP Video Production
Full Year 10 Credits 11-12

This is an advanced course for students who are working toward a career in the film and television industry. The class has been designed with input from industry members in order to give students the skills necessary for success in this demanding field. Throughout the year, students will work through a list of competencies and demonstrate their ability to perform professionally. Guest speakers will give special seminars, field trips will be offered, and job acquisition assistance will be provided. A the end of this course, students who pass a final exam will receive a certificate that acknowledges this acquisition of the required skills.