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Orange GlenHigh School

Ms. Copeland featured in San Diego Union Tribune for participation in Indivisible WATU Women of Color ROAR breakfast

Among the sponsored guests was Juel Copeland, a world history and AP government and politics teacher at Orange Glen High School in Escondido. She brought along two of her students, juniors Janna Scroggins and Mya Feige, both 16.

Copeland acknowledges that millennials haven’t been as politically engaged as previous generations, in part because they’re not convinced that their votes will matter. But by bringing politicians, judges and other leaders into her classroom, she said her students are “beginning to open their eyes.”

Feige, who hopes for a career on Broadway, said Saturday’s experience is unlikely to turn her toward political office, but it did achieve one goal.

“It makes me realize how important it is for women of color to speak out, be represented and follow their dreams,” she said.