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Orange GlenHigh School

Holocaust Survivor Visits Orange Glen

It is a somber day watching the news and yet today my World History class had the honor of having Nachum Kerpilevich visit. Mr. Kerpilevich was born in Sep 1933 in the Vinnista region of what is now Ukraine. During WWII this region was occupied by Romanian troops and an 8 yr old Nachum spent two years and 8 months in a local ghetto. He spoke of his experience, what happened when his best friend tried to escape and of losing his father just days before VE Day and WWII ended in Europe. He is currently the leader of Israel’s largest Russian-speaking Holocaust Survivor branch in Netanya. We learned so much today, including the concept of Aliyah (Aliya) which is when Jewish people are allowed to immigrate to Israel. In addition, my students (most for the first time) heard Hebrew spoken. Thanks to Mr. Kerpilevich for taking time to stop at OG and meet with my kids during his first trip to the United States. Thank you to Brian Slater CEO of Abundant Bread of Salvation for translating and Michelle Peace for making the visit happen. Thank you as well to any teachers who allowed students to miss on short notice to get the opportunity to hear Mr. Kerpilevich speak.  Toda!!!!