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Orange GlenHigh School

EUHSD Inspirational Student of the Month: OGHS's Maria Gonzalez

Good Evening President Knight, members of the Board, Superintendent Boyle and members of the Cabinet.    

It is with great pride that I bring senior Maria Gonzalez to you as Orange Glen's Inspirational Student of the month.

Although the school year did not officially begin for students until August 16th, Maria preferred to come back in early August to help plan for our registration and 9th grade orientation.  From the moment she was selected to the ASB Council last April, Maria has gone above and beyond to make Orange Glen the best high school possible. Maria is an extremely hard-working, dedicated, and responsible student.  She tirelessly collaborates with students and staff to create memorable events, create a more spirited atmosphere, and to have successful classes. 

This summer, she volunteered to work our week of registration and help welcome all of our returning students.  She also assisted numerous staff members in the cashier’s office, library, and front office to make their week of registration a much easier transition. 

Maria was also an integral part of our freshmen orientation.  She was the first student to welcome all of the incoming freshmen.  I noticed her when I saw her jump up to great the students who came later so they felt comfortable in their new surroundings.  Each of those timid 9th graders were greeted by a warm smile and a hand up the bleachers by Maria.  That is when I knew I needed to meet this girl. 

I found out that her acts of kindness during registration were not isolated.  She is very well regarded by her peers and staff members alike. 

One of her fellow students shared these thoughts about Maria: “She is involved in three different sports: volleyball, soccer, and track and she is a valued team player. She leads students and encourages us to be the best we can be by showing her best self.  She is an incredible worker who shows up early to every event to make sure everything is done correctly. We even went to Prom last year 30 minutes early just so she could check to make sure everything was perfect.  She has plenty of school spirt and she leads the underclassman like a mom.”

Her teachers are equally smitten.  One of them shared this testimonial: 

“Maria represents all that is OG Pride.  She has consistently strived for excellence in her classes by taking a rigorously challenging, college bound course load. 

She is always full of school spirit and eager to spread that OG love amongst her Patriot peers.  Her kindness and intelligent permeates everything she does.  I feel so fortunate to have had her in class for two years.”

The way that Maria represents her school to our community and to our Patriots, old and new is priceless.  She is an ambassador extraordinaire and I am so proud to honor her as Orange Glen High School's Inspirational Student of the Month.

Please join me in congratulating Maria Gonzalez.