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Orange GlenHigh School

OG Grad, Sujey accepted to new program

I have some amazing news to share about Sujey Castillejo, who received a certificate of completion from OG in 2016, and now attends START. 


Sujey has been accepted in a NEW program, (Breaking Barriers) that is helping provide people with disabilities gain jobs in a competitive market, where they are earning minimum wage or higher. 


She only had a 50% chance of being selected!!!! Not only is she going to make a competitive salary, she will be paired with a job that is suited for her precise skill sets, AND be given a 1:1 job coach! 


This is incredibly life changing for Sujey. Historically, the only options she would have been offered after high school/an adult transition program, would be to work a "job," making a ridiculously low salary ($1/hour or less in some cases), attending a day program with inadequate funding/staffing or sitting at home doing nothing. 


We all know employment/financial independence is one of the biggest factors in obtaining a high quality of life. Pleas join me in congratulating an OG graduate, Sujey!!