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AP Exams Upcoming

OGHS AP Exam Takers,

AP exam dates are just around the corner! Please see some important dates and information to consider as we head into the end of the semester.

General AP info:

Please click on the link below to access our comprehensive OGHS AP Testing Blog! Here you will find EVERYTHING you need to know about AP exams at OGHS!

You will be visited soon by Mrs. Turrentine in your classes to fill out your AP pre-registration materials. Please make sure you are filling out your answer booklets very carefully and accurately.

If you are challenging an exam without taking the class you MUST still complete Pre-Registration BEFORE your exam date. Please contact Mrs. Heredia at for an appt.

You must fill out a separate answer sheet for EACH exam you are taking. You must fill them out all at once.  For example, if Mrs. Turrentine comes to your AP Psychology class and you are taking the AP Psychology exam, AP US History exam, and AP Spanish Language exam; you must fill out all three of those answers sheets during that session in your AP Psychology class.

Please check the AP blog for your testing times and dates. Be prepared to come 30 minutes before you're testing time! Any later, and we may choose to prohibit you from taking your exam.

Here are the UC and CSU AP Credit charts to refer to for more information about receiving college credit for AP exams. Please read carefully for important information regarding maximum credits for particular subject exams. You may also need to refer to the specific college you plan to attend for more restrictions or allowances for AP credit.

SAMPLE CSU specific chart:

If you have any further questions regarding AP exam dates, locations, testing times or rules, please refer to the OGHS AP Testing Blog. 

If you still have questions please email Mrs. Heredia.