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There will be no school from 11/19-11/23. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!
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AP Biology (Period 3)

Ms Pam Whiting

Course Description

AP Biology is a class for students who have completed biology and chemistry with grades of “B” or better. It is designed to be the equivalent of a college introductory biology course usually taken by students during their first year. The college course in biology differs significantly from the usual first high school course in biology with respect to the kind of textbook used, the range and depth of topics covered, the kind of laboratory work, and the time and effort required of students. A significant portion of the content of this course will be covered independently by each student. Allowances should be made for substantial study time outside of class. The AP Biology exam will be given on Monday morning, 14 May 2018. All students are strongly encouraged, and expected, to take the AP exam. If you choose not to take the exam, you will be expected to take a full, graded “practice test” in its place. Start saving toward the $90 exam fee now (if you qualify for free/reduced price lunch, the exam will cost $5 – get your paperwork in!).

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