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Orange GlenHigh School

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Math » Math Department Goals

Math Department Goals

Goals for Our Math Students
• Develop fluency in computational skills.
• Develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.
• Become mathematical problem solvers who can recognize and solve routine
problems readily and can find ways to reach a solution or goal where no routine
path is apparent.
• Communicate precisely about quantities, logical relationships, and unknown values
through the use of signs, symbols, models,graphs, and mathematical terms.
• Reason mathematically by gathering data, analyzing evidence, and building argumentsto support or refute hypotheses.
• Make connections among mathematical ideas and between mathematics and other
Math Pathways
Integrated Math 1 (10 credits)* 9th Grade Integrated Math 1 (10 credits)*
Integrated Math 2 (10 credits)* 10th Grade Integrated Math 2 (10 credits)*
Integrated Math 3C (10 credits): Emphasis Calculus** 11th Grade Integrated Math 3S (10 credits): Emphasis Statistics**
AP Calculus (10 credits)**
12th Grade
Integrated Math 4: Combination of Basic Pre-Calc and Statistics (10 credits)**
AP Statistics (10 credits)**
 *Graduation Requirement: 20 credits
**A-G Requirement (Colleges and Universities): 30-40 credits
See attachment for more details and FAQs regarding the math program.