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Orange GlenHigh School

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement 

The Orange Glen community creates a productive, innovative and supportive environment which develops academic and personal excellence for all.

La comunidad de Orange Glen crea un ambiente productivo, innovador y de apoyo que desarrolla excelencia académica y personal para todos.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive environment for students, parents, and staff by treating every individual with respect and dignity.  To prepare students to live in and contribute to an ever changing world, OGHS provides an innovative, rigorous curriculum that meets the academic, cultural, and social needs of all students.  We face emerging challenges as a team, creating an environment where collaboration and success is celebrated. 

Nuestra misión es de proporcionar un ambiente de apoyo para los estudiantes, padres, y personal mediante el tratamiento de cada individuo con respeto y dignidad. Para preparar a los estudiantes para vivir en y contribuir en un mundo siempre cambiante, OGHS ofrece un plan de estudios innovador, riguroso que satisfice las necesidades académicas, culturales y sociales de todos los estudiantes. Nos enfrentamos en equipo a nuevos retos, creando un ambiente donde de se celebra la colaboración y el éxito.

School-Wide Learning Results

Effective Communicators: Every student will write, speak, read, listen, and collaborate within diverse communities.

  • California State Standards for Speaking and Listening
  • Collaboration and Discourse-based instruction
  • Opportunities for presentation and public speaking

Complex Thinkers: Every student will solve problems using analytical and critical-thinking skills.

  • California State Standards for Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Reading, Writing, Reasoning, and Analyzing
  • Student-centered instruction
  • College prep curriculum

Quality Producers: Every student will plan, organize, and create a product that meets specified criteria.

  • California State Standards for Writing and Speaking
  • School-wide organizational strategies
  • College and Career elective courses

Healthy Individuals: Every student will demonstrate practices of healthy living.

  • Physical fitness activities and courses
  • Nutrition
  • Decision-making reinforced through Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)