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Orange GlenHigh School

ABC After School Activities Schedule

ABC/ASSETS  After School Program:
Orange Glen offers a wide variety of free programs to provide a safe haven for students after regular school hours in a controlled, supervised and fun environment. All programs are open to all students. Students can begin a program at any time. Pre-registration is required in a few classes. The schedule changes every 8-9 weeks based on input from the Student Advisory Council, which meets each Thursday after school in the Career Center. Students are encouraged to suggest new topics, and to provide feedback about current programs.
Caring school personnel provide students with guidance and assistance in learning, enrichment, and recreational activities that help students realize their full potential. Orange Glen students appreciate the extra help on homework and test  preparation, the ability to meet new friends, and gain new skills and experiences. (See attached schedule and flyers below).
Saturday Scholars:
Saturday Scholars gives students an opportunity to work with their teachers finishing projects, going over pre-test reviews, getting help with homework, quiet reading time, and other academic activities. Attending Saturday Scholars also allows students to clear absences, which keep them eligible for CSU/UC admissions.
Our teachers are dedicated to student achievement, and many open their doors on Saturdays, from 8:00 am – 12:00 noon, for activities.  Teachers will announce the dates they will be holding class. Having a class of at least 22 students on these Saturdays will enable us to keep this valuable program going.
Saturday School:
Students with unexcused absences are required to attend this program to clear their absences. These students may attend Saturday Scholars with one of their teachers in lieu of a certain Saturday school day if the teacher agrees. Students are expected to bring work, but there are books for every subject in the rooms so students stay busy and quiet from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.