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Orange GlenHigh School

ABC Programs are now in session, see a copy of the schedule under "News & Announcements"
For Staff

Welcome to OGHS!

Perform with an exuberant fervor
Affect change in your own life, your family, your community, and the world
Traverse the path of ingenuity with others as you learn about and from each other
Remember the legacy before you
Innovate a better way
Often give thanks to those who support you
Tackle challenges like you asked for them
Passion - develop a passion for your academic excellence
Respect - respect teachers, students, all staff, parents, community members
Integrity - hold yourself to a high level of integrity when others are and are not watching
Determination - have the perseverance to continue to fight for your future
Excellence - maintain a standard of giving your best effort to all activities you commit to doing
May 2017
March, April, and May were busy months!  Your students accomplished quite a bit, including:
  • Dance, Band, and Choir performances at the California Center for the Arts,
  • The Greatest Play Ever Written performance that OG Performing Arts Center,
  • Achievement Awards where 205 students were recognized by their teachers,
  • Advanced Placement (AP) testing where hundreds of students packed into the PAC to get those 3s, 4s, or 5s,
  • MeCha and AVID awards nights,
  • Registration for next school year, and
  • Incoming 9th grade registration and orientation night.
Keep up to date with the happenings at OG by checking our News feed, Calendar, and Social Media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!
February 2017
While reading, I came across this wonderful quote describing the complex and amazing responsibilities of teachers: 
"An effective curriculum must be coupled with effective teaching. We believe teaching excellence requires a mastery of subject matter, as well as the ability to engage students, build language competency, use assessment to drive instruction, scaffold instruction to meet individual needs, and provide targeted feedback to students to further shape their learning" (Core Knowledge, 2014).  

We appreciate our teachers and know that you do as well.  They help set a foundation of learning for a lifetime.  
January 2017
It is 2017!  Another year brings another opportunity to set goals, reinvent yourself, and adjust your priorities to make the most of everyday.   We invite you to include Orange Glen as part of your plans; parents can attend parent meetings, volunteer, join a committee, or set up a new study nook at home to maximize your child's study habits.  
Things to watch for this month:
Cash for College Workshop
Parent Classes
ACT or SAT Saturdays
Saturday Scholars
CIF Division 5 Champion Girls Soccer competitions
CIF San Diego County #5 Ranked Boys Basketball competitions
Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, and Wrestling competitions
December 2016
The semester is almost over!  Can you believe that we have less than three weeks before the final exams are completed and the first semester is over?  Students, make it a priority to focus during these last few weeks and turn in all assignments, get help with tutoring or otherwise, and study for your exams.  
Your teachers, counselors, and support staff are cheering you on as you work through the end of the semester!
November 2016
We just enjoyed a nice week long vacation to relax, rejuvenate, and plan for the rest of the year.  Students have less than four weeks left in the first semester in order to get all of their grades in order, study for final exams, and turn in all assignments and projects.  Make sure you are checking Synergy (Student Vue or Parent Vue) or Jupiter Grades daily to stay up to date.  Visit with teachers for tutoring, homework help, makeup quizzes or tests, or simply to learn about any missing assignments.
Make the most of everyday, and be sure to give your best effort each class period while you have the chance.  Procrastination is over-rated, and the best way you can help yourself out is to plan ahead and organize your schedule so that everything gets done on time and in a high quality manner.
 We believe you can do it!
August 2016
Welcome to another year of life-changing, knowledge-building, free education.  At Orange Glen, we value a work ethic that exemplifies commitment to excellence.  You owe it to yourself to make the most of each day.  Thankfully, Orange Glen is a place where you can push yourself to new academic, athletic, intellectual, and social heights.  Orange Glen offers a wide range of highly rigorous courses and programs, while also providing various interventions and support services for diverse learners.
We know that everyday parents entrust their children to us, and we work diligently to ensure they are offered a high quality education from highly qualified teachers.  We take responsibility to give our best each day, and we expect students to give their best as they represent themselves, their families, and our community.  We pride ourselves on helping students develop to their fullest potential and to become global citizens who are engaged in civic events, demonstrate bilingual competence, and who serve the school and the community in a positive way.  
Have a phenomenal year everyone!