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Math 2

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My goal for you in this year of mathematics study is to improve in skills and traits that 21st century employers seek such as teamwork, writing, public speaking, analysis, and quantitative reasoning.  I hope that you walk away from this class feeling more confident in doing mathematics than you did before!  I look forward to learning with you this year.
Skills and Traits that 21st Century Employers seek (click logo):
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1.  Teamwork
2.  Writing ability
3.  Public speaking
4.  Analytical
5.  Researching
6.  Organizing and coordinating
7.  Quantitative reasoning
8.  People skills and interpersonal communication
9.  Valuing and ethical behavior
10.Foreign languages and global perspective
11.Information management and technology
The Growth Mindset: Four boosting messages from Jo and her students
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Mathematical Habits of Mind and Interaction (from the Teachers Development Group)
Class syllabus available below:
Online textbook (click logo):
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