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There will be no school from 11/19-11/23. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!
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Master Sergeant Keith B Porter » Cadet Chain of Command and Jobs

Cadet Chain of Command and Jobs

Senior Staff:
Commanding Officer: cadet/Commander Jontan Martinez
Executive Officer: cadet/Commander Jennifer Fraser
Battalion Instructor: cadet/Lieutenant Theodore Anderson
Quality Assessment Officer: cadet/Lieutenant Breanna Andreas
Legal Officer: cadet/Chief Petty Officer Edmundo Molina
Special Operations Officer: cadet/Lieutenant Karina Gomez
Spanish Liaison Officer: cadet/Petty Officer Second Class Areli Mendez

Department Heads:
Operations: cadet/Petty Officer Second Class Abel Ramon
Administration: cadet/Seaman John Deguzman
Training: cadet/Petty Officer Third Class Janet Aguilar
Public Affairs: cadet/Petty Officer Third Class Lorenzo Santos
Supply: cadet/Petty Officer 2nd Class Kara Houle
First Lieutenant: cadet/Petty Officer 1st Class Carlos Ramirez

Platoon Commanders:
2nd: cadet/Chief Petty Officer Dillon Davis
3rd: cadet/Petty Officer Second Class Isreal Juarez
4th: cadet/Petty Officer Third Class Roland Prince
5th: cadet/Petty Officer Petty Officer 2nd Class Ryan Varhol
6th: cadet/Seaman Angelica Soria

Drill Team Commanders:
Armed Drill Team: cadet/Chief Petty Officer Abel Ramon
Unarmed Drill Team: cadet/Lieutenant Ruby Rivera
Color Guard: cadet/Petty Officer Third Class Dillon Davis

Administration: This department is charged with maintaining the Points System, Pecking Order, Plan of the Week, Cadet Service Record Books, and Cadet JUMS Files

Supply: This department is charged with maintaining the Supply Q-Hut, Issuing and Returning Cadet Uniforms, and maintaining Cadet JUMS Files in regards to Clothing.

Public Affairs: This department is charged with publishing all event fliers, the Monthly Sink or Swim Newsletter, photographs of events, the Yearly Anchor Publication.

First Lieutenant: This department is charged with maintain the cleanliness of the Classroom, and maintain all Guidons, Swords, Air Rifles, and Drill Weapons.

Training: This department is charged with issuing and grading promotion tests and keeping record of the cadets testing history.

Operations: This department is charged with generating spreadsheets, issuing and collecting permission slips for all events.

Platoon Commanders: These cadets are charged with tracking their platoon members’ with their promotion tests, points, evaluations, general welfare, uniform inspections, physical training uniforms, flag duty, zone inspections and their platoon files.