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Orange GlenHigh School

There will be no school from 11/19-11/23. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!
For Staff
Master Sergeant Keith B Porter » Awards


La Habra Qualifier:

1st Place: 16x100 Relay Race
1st Place: 1 mile Relay
1st Place: Color Guard
4th Place: Unarmed Exhibition

Orange Glen Qualifier:

2nd Place: Mile Relay
3rd Place: Unarmed Basic
3rd Place: Overall Drill
4th Place: Armed Exhibition
5th Place: 16x100 Relay Race

Orange Glen Drill Meet:

2nd Place: Armed Exhibition
3rd Place: Unarmed Combined
3rd Place: Armed Combined
4th Place: Unarmed Basic
5th Place: Unarmed 4 Person Exhibition
1st Place: Armed Tap Out: Dillon Davis
1st Place Unarmed Tap out: Carlos Ramirez