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There will be no school from 11/19-11/23. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!
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Master Sergeant Keith B Porter » Cadet of the Month

Cadet of the Month

The Cadet of the Month Ceremony was held on 4 February 2010,and the following awards were given:

Orienteering: Bodnar, Aleksandre
Academic: Ramirez, Carlos
Air Rifle: Davis, Dillon and Ramirez, Carlos
Seaman Recruit To Seaman Apprentice: Chase, Thomas
Seaman Apprentice to Seaman:
Aguilar, Janet ,
Lorenzo, Santos ,
Deguzman , Johnathan,
Reardon, Sean
Cadet of the Month for January 2010:
Mario Ibarra

Previous Cadet of the Months:

August: Kara L. Houle
September: Jonathan Deguzman
October: Janet Aguilar
November: Lorenzo Santos
December: Julian Perez