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Master Sergeant Keith B Porter » Naval Science III

Naval Science III

1)      Naval Knowledge:

                                i.            Sea Power and National Security

·         The Importance of Sea Power

·         The US Merchant Marine

·         Grand Strategy and Preparedness

·         United States Strategy

·         US Strategy and Naval Tactics

·         National Security and Modern Conflict

                              ii.            Naval Operations and Support Functions

·         Naval Operations

·         Naval Communications

·         Naval Intelligence

·         Naval Logistics

·         Naval Research and Development

                            iii.            Military Law

·         Introduction to Military Law

·         Discipline and Punishment

                             iv.            International Law and the Sea

·         Fundamentals of International law

·         International Law of the Sea

·         The Law of War at Sea



2)      Naval Skills:

                                i.            Ship Construction and Damage Control

·   Ship Construction

·   Damage Control and Firefighting

                              ii.            Shipboard Organization and Watch Standing

·   Shipboard Organization

·   Watches

                            iii.            Basic Seamanship

·   Deck Seamanship

·   Ground Tackle and Deck Equipment

·   Small Boat Seamanship

                             iv.            Marine Navigation

·   Introduction to Navigation

·   Aids to Navigation

·   Time and Navigation

                               v.            Rules of the Road and Maneuvering Board

·   Nautical Rules of the Road

·   The Maneuvering Board

                             vi.            Naval Weapons and Aircraft

·   Introduction to Naval Weapons

·   Naval Guns

·   Naval Aircraft and Missiles

·   Mine Warfare

·   Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Warfare