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Student Senate

Student Senate Description of Duties/Benefits:

Purpose: To give students at OGHS the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, or give suggestions regarding policies, procedures, or events on our campus.

Goal: To take student concerns directly to administration for answers and/or to make changes to current policies to improve student life on campus.

Our Official Philosophy Statement: We the members of Orange Glen High School’s Student Senate are a powerful, balanced voice for our school community. Through an effective forum, we will establish an open relationship with students, staff, and administration, using a trusting, professional, and uniting communication system. We will demonstrate the model for influencing and determining policy for the present and future of our school. For this purpose the Orange Glen High School Student Senate is formed.

Who is Eligible to be a Representative: Any student in a 4th period class, willing and able to perform the duties of a Student Senate representative. Must be elected by fellow students within the same 4th period class by a majority vote.

Student Senator Responsibilities:

• Elected 4th period student representative must be willing and able to attend two meetings each school calendar month. Most meetings are scheduled for Fridays, some may be scheduled on a Thursday and there is a Mandatory Saturday Sept 17 training from 8-12 that all Senators must attend.

• Representative must solicit and collect fellow 4th period student concerns, questions, and suggestions regarding school policies, procedures, or events.

• Reps. can do this by personally asking students before, after, or during class (if teacher allows) for their comments and then use Student Senate Discussion Topic forms (see attached) to record and later present topics at Student Senate meetings.

• Must be willing to serve on committees within Student Senate meetings to foster, work on, and resolve solutions to student problems the Student Senate votes to adopt. This may require additional time outside our meetings.

• Must communicate with their 4th period class about progress towards topics their class and other classes have posed. Must also communicate the overall workings and happenings within Student Senate. This is done the next 3rd period class they attend after a Friday meeting.

Student Senate Benefits:
Student Senate is a great way to meet fellow students who want to make life on campus a great experience for everyone.
It affords the opportunity to learn in greater detail how a representative governing body works and in doing that work, meet our City, District, and Regional representatives in California and our community.
It provides the chance for you as an individual and a group to make lasting positive changes to OGHS and the student classes to come; leaving a legacy students will appreciate for years to come.
You can make a REAL difference AND it looks fantastic on any college application!!!!

Student Senate Calendar 2011/2012:

All meetings will be held in Room 414

September 2010:

Friday 16th: Lunch
Saturday 17th 8am-12pm: Mandatory Training Session!! 
Friday 30th: Lunch

October 2010:

Friday 14th: Lunch
Friday 28th: Lunch

November 2010:

Thursday 3rd: Lunch
Friday 18th: Lunch

December 2010:

Thursday 1st: Lunch
Friday 9th: Lunch

January 2011:

Friday 13th: Lunch
Friday 20th: Lunch

February 2011:

Friday 3rd : Lunch
Friday 17th: Lunch

March 2011:

Friday 2nd : Lunch
Friday 17th: Lunch
Friday 30th: Lunch

April 2011:

Friday 13th : Lunch
Friday 27th: Lunch

May 2011:
Friday 11th: Lunch PARTY!! 