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Congratulations student of the month Leilani Fuentes!
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American Heart Association-Links in the Chain of Survival At this Web site, you will learn how you can prepare for a life-threatening emergency.
How would you react to a life-threatening emergency?
American Lung Association Do you have a relative or friend who smokes tobacco? Perhaps this person has tried to quit but has been unsuccessful. Visit this Web site to learn about the American Lung Association's programs for people who want to quit smoking.
CDC Tips4Youth Tobacco Did you know that recent studies have shown that nicotine is addictive in ways similar to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin? At this Web site, you will take a Tobacco Quiz to test your tobacco knowledge.
CDC: Physical Activity and Health, Adolescents and Young Adults Is physical fitness a priority in your life? At this Web site, you will discover some startling statistics about youth and physical fitness as well as learn about the benefits of physical activity and how communities can encourage physical activity for youth.