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ASB Clubs and Organizations

2018 is the year to become involved!  You can meet new friends, learn something new, or pursue a hobby that you love.  If you don't see a club here that appeals to you, start your own.  See Mr. Gallo, ASB Director in Room 710 to find out how or find an ASB officer and ask them!  

Club Name

Club Advisor

Meeting Room

Meeting Time

Class of 2020

Dave Mussatti

Room 710

Period 3

Class of 2021

Joseph Rewa

Room 710

Period 4

Class of 2022

Bill Turek

Room 710

Period 3

Class 2023

Michelle Hammack

Room 710

Period 3

AASU / Multicultural Club

Tido Smith

Room 301

Lunch, Tuesdays


Brian Gallo

Room 710

Periods 3 & 4


Alex Barboa

Baseball Field In Season

Basketball, Boys

Chris Featherly

Old Gym In Season

Basketball, Girls

Mo Feagan

Old Gym In Season


Susan Pratt

Room 400

Period 2 and 4,

every other Fri, lunch


Leah Sturdevant

New Gym

Tuesday/Thursday, 4:30-6:30

Chem Club

John Merz

Room 208

Every Other Tuesday, 3-4pm

Cross Country

Mike Mena


In Season

CRU Club (Upper Room)

Joey Rewa

Room 302

Lunch, Wednesdays

Dance Company

Michelle Hammack

Room 808

Period 6

Drift Club

Marco Gamez

Room 731

First day of month, Lunch


Jenner Veitch

Room 806

Thursdays, 3-4:30pm

Environmental Club

Bill Turek

Room 407

2:55 on Tuesdays


Jason Patterson

New Gym Lunch, Tuesdays


Laura Gardiner

& Kristi Sovacool

Room 602 Lunch, Mondays


Jason Patterson

Football Field In Season

Friendship Club

Courtney Coffin

Room 203 Lunch, Wednesdays

Future Lawyers

Juel Copeland

Room 301 Lunch, Mondays


Gayle Kovac

Room 601

Lunch, Mondays

Golf, Boys Victor Garduno   In Season
Golf, Girls
Alex Barboa
& Jason Patterson
  In Season

Key Club

Jim Munson

& Haley McCracken

Learning Center

Lunch, Tuesdays


Griselda Resendiz

Room 306

Lunch, Tuesdays

Music Sofie Gomez Room 700 Lunch


Jessica Young



Tia D’Asoro

Room 604

Lunch, Tuesdays & Thursdays


Rachel Richards

& Jennifer Duong

Room 412

Lunch, Thursdays


Freddie Amos

Room 708

Periods 1, 3-6

Patriot Production

Brian Gallo

Room 710

Period 5

Psycodes Mae Coching Room 605 Lunch, Firdays
Robotics Betsy Lee Room 707 2:55-3:55pm

Rowdy Crowd

Brittany Cumming

Room 405

Lunch, Thursdays


Todd Marion

Softball Field

In Season

Soccer, Boys


Soccer Field

In Season

Soccer, Girls

Jaime Hernandez

Soccer Field

In Season

Ski/Snowboarding Club

Joey Rewa

Room 302

Lunch, First and Third Thursday of the Month

Sports Medicine

Leah Sturdevant

Trainer's Office

In Season, 3pm Daily

Tennis, Boys Kevin Brown Tennis Court  
Tennis, Girls Susan Pratt Tennis Court In Season, 3pm Daily
Track and Field Mike Mena Track In Season, 3:15pm Daily
Volleyball, Boys Joanne Lin Gym In Season
Volleyball, Girls Joanne Lin Gym In Season

Waterpolo, Girls

Mariana Hernandez

Washington Park / Esco YMCA

Monday - Friday, 6-8pm

Wrestling Daniel Varela Wresting Room In Season, 4-6pm
*Updated 10/23/19