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Orange GlenHigh School

Registration packet pickup: July 10th - July 13th. Registration Dates: Juniors July 25th, Sophomores July 26th, Freshman July 27th, Seniors July 31st & August 1st, Makeup Registration (all grades): August 2nd.
Bus Transportaion and Fees » Bus Transportaion and Fees

Bus Transportaion and Fees


Transportation tickets will be sold by the School Cashier only as semester passes that may be purchased for $80.00. Students from households with incomes at or below income levels stated in the income eligibility guidelines for free and reduced-price lunches may be exempted from transportation fees. Completed applications for free transportation are to be given to the School Cashier.

Transportation for students is not required by the State. The school district policy provides transportation only to those students who reside outside a three-mile radius of their high school campus.

Students transported in a school bus are under the authority of, and responsible directly to, the bus driver.

Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the driver's authority is sufficient reason for a student to be denied transportation privileges, in accordance with school district rules. When students board the bus, they are on school property and subject to all rules and regulations of the school.

Students are authorized to ride only their regularly scheduled bus, to and from their assigned stops, except when written permission for the student's parent/guardian is presented to the bus driver.

School bus stops and times are subject to change depending upon occupancy.

There is no transportation provided for students during summer sessions.

During summer, transportation for Special Education students is scheduled through the Special Education Office.