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Academic Integrity Policy » Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

OGHS School Ethics Policy:
Academic Honesty: Academic honesty is a strict expectation of all students enrolled in the Escondido Union High School District. Students are to do their own work on all school assignments and tests (unless otherwise directed by the teacher). Acts of academic dishonesty, which will not be tolerated, are listed and defined below:
* Cheating on Tests: Any intentional giving or use of external assistance relating to an examination, test or quiz, without express permission of the teacher. No cell phones will be permitted to be out during testing.
* Fabrication: Any intentional falsification or invention of data, citation, or other authority in an academic exercise.
* Unauthorized Collaboration: Intentional collaboration on an assignment between a student and another person, if the teacher does not expressly permit such collaboration.
* Plagiarism: Any intentional use of another's ideas, words, or work as one's own. Plagiarism includes the
misuse of published material and the work of other students.
* Theft or Alteration of Materials: Any intentional and unauthorized taking,concealment, or alteration of student, teacher, or library materials, this includes the use of cameras and cell phones.

Failure to observe the rules relating to academic honesty will result in consequences to be determined by site administrator(s) and the instructor. At Escondido High School, we believe in strong ethical decisions and behavior. In order to promote growth in ethical areas, the following policy is enforced. Students who cheat or plagiarize on any test, quiz, report, computer disk, homework, in-class assignment or any
school-related test (PSAT, SAT, CAHSEE, ACT, etc.) are subject to Escondido High School Ethics Policy, which is listed below. Helping another student on an exam or assignment is also a violation of the Ethics Policy if the instructor designates students are to work on their own. Violations on a national exam (PSAT, SAT, etc.) will result in removal from any leadership position for the rest of the year.

1st Offense
* Teacher contacts parent.
* "Information Only" referral to Assistant Principal.
* Parent conference with Assistant Principal, if necessary.
* Automatic "0"/failure on assignment or test.
* "U" in citizenship.
* Placed on probation in the class of infraction for the remainder of the year.
* Student aides will be dropped from the class with W/F (Withdraw/Fail) grade.
* Other disciplinary consequences may apply.

2nd Offense
* Teacher contacts parent.
* Referral to Assistant Principal.
* Parent conference with Assistant Principal and teacher.
* “U” in citizenship and work habits for the semester.
* Placement on probation for all classes for remainder of semester, plus the entire next semester.
* Student removed from any and all elected or appointed leadership positions for the remainder of the school year. If in same class as first offense: “F” grade in class and removal from the class.
* Other disciplinary consequences may apply.

3rd Offense by Student while on Probation: W/F (withdraw/fail) in any class in which the violation occurs.
NOTE: First Time Offense. Violations on a national exam (PSAT, SAT, GSE, AP, etc.) will result in removal from any leadership position for the rest of the year. Students may appeal to the Principal within 10 days from date of infraction.

Student Disciplinary Interventions:
Warning: Student meets with an Assistant Principal and the A/P conferences with parent over the student conduct. This is usually for minor infractions of the student conduct code. A warning is made to the student and this is entered into the student’s disciplinary record. A recommendation may be made by the assistant principal for the student to be referred to the school Student Support Team (SST) or for outside counseling.

Loss of Privileges:
Failure to comply with school rules and regulations may result in a loss of privileges which may include; club/athletic participation, work permit, parking permit, early receipt of yearbook, as well as extra-curricular and other school activities.

After School Detention:
After School Detention (A.S.D.) is held Monday through Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Students assigned to A.S.D. shall be prompt, bring study materials and follow directions of the A.S.D. Supervisor at all times. No food, drink, toys, games, walkmans, etc. will be permitted in the room. Students who need to change the date of their assignment must present valid written reason to the Assistant Principals’
Secretary or the A.S.D. Supervisor. This is entirely the responsibility of the student. Failure to attend A.S.D. shall result in further disciplinary action: additional A.S.D., in-house Suspension, referrals, or suspension from school. Students may be assigned community service in lieu of detention.

Attendance & Behavior Contracts:
Any infraction of the Student Handbook can result in a student being placed on a Behavior Contract for as long as he/she is a student at OGHS. Students failing to serve their After School Detentions and/or Saturday Schools may be placed on an Attendance Contract, which is signed by the student, parent and administrator.

Classroom Strike System:
* First Referral - Student is referred by a teacher or staff member to the Assistant Principal or Counselor due to a serious or continued violation of school or classroom rules. The inappropriate behavior is discussed with the student and the parents are notified by phone and in writing of the incident. Strike I may be issued by Assistant Principal.
* Second Referral - Student is referred by a teacher or staff member to the Assistant Principal. A parent contact is made by the teacher or assistant principal in an attempt to resolve the issue. A behavior contract may be drawn up. Strike II may be issued by Assistant Principal.
* Third Referral - Student is referred by a teacher or staff member. Strike III may be issued, in which case student will be drop-failed from the class with a permanent grade of F. STRIKES DO NOT CARRY OVER FROM PREVIOUS SEMESTER

Safe Schools Contract:
Level I: Students who disrupt school activities and/or take away from the educational process may be placed on a Safe Schools Contract, Level I. This contract is comprehensive and will stay in the student’s discipline file for all four years.
Level II: The second occurrence of a violation of school rules that disrupts school activities and/or takes away from the educational process will result in issuance of a Safe Schools Contract, Level II. Administrators may issue additional disciplinary action at this time.

Removal from Class:
Students may be removed from a class for one or more days or for the semester for serious discipline infractions. When removed for a day or two, the student is expected to make up all the work missed. If the student is removed from the class for the semester, a grade of W/F (withdraw/fail) will be recorded on the student’s permanent record.