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Orange GlenHigh School

Registration packet pickup: July 10th - July 13th. Registration Dates: Juniors July 25th, Sophomores July 26th, Freshman July 27th, Seniors July 31st & August 1st, Makeup Registration (all grades): August 2nd.
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What is the On-Line Learning Center and why am I being recommended for this program?
The On-Line Learning Center Building is a part of each comprehensive high school site and houses the On-Line Learning Center, Independent Study, and Credit Recovery. It is a place on our campus where you can make-up classes without getting further behind in credits.
What courses are available in the On-Line Learning Center? Can I pick my classes?
Most classes are offered in the On-Line Learning Center: English, Math, World Cultures,US History, Government, Economics, etc. Your counselor and the Learrning Center Coordinator will help you select the necessary classes.
Can I participate in sports and other extracurricular activities if I am assigned the On-Line Learning Center?
Yes, as long as you maintain your GPA and have good attendance.
When can I return to a traditional schedule?
As soon as you complete your assigned courses with a passing grade. The transition will occur at the start of each semester.
What do I do when I am in the On-Line Learning Center?
You will be assigned  an On-Line Learning Center class. You are expected to attend the class every day during a specified time. Most of your class work will be done on your own either on the computer or in a student manual. You will have one teacher who will help monitor your progress and move you to the next subject when you have completed your work.